Strategic Alliance Between Parisi, NCSA Athletic Recruiting and Box Command Aids Athletes in Reaching Their Goals

The Partnership Between These Powerhouse Companies Provides Athletes the Tools Necessary to Make Their Mark On And Off the Field

The new strategic alliance between Parisi, NCSA Athletic Recruiting and Box Command just made the dream of being recruited by colleges and universities more real for high school athletes around the country. This alliance creates a “one-stop-shop” for high school athletes and their parents on getting recruited, ensuring an athlete reaches his/her top potential and catching the eye of recruiting coaches.

“The synergies between Parisi, Box Command and NCSA Athletic Recruiting are perfect. It opens another exciting door to student-athletes and parents on how to stay competitive in the ever-changing recruiting process,” said Izell Reese, Executive Vice President at NCSA.

NCSA has long been the leader in educating and preparing athletes for the best recruitment exposure possible. In addition to the opportunities to connect with college coaches through the largest recruiting network, NCSA assists student-athletes in all aspects of the path-to-college process, including GPA, academic test scores, social awareness, athletic performance and more. The newly cemented relationship with the 94-plus Parisi Speed Schools across the United States provides NCSA with two critical pieces to recruitment: 1) The ability for athletes to test critical drills specific to their sport and have the results verified, so that recruiting coaches can depend on the scores, and 2) A resource for athletes who need to improve their scores and gain a competitive advantage through cutting-edge sports performance training, for which Parisi is the industry leader.

“Parisi is excited to be in the company of these esteemed partners because it helps us all to better fulfill our mission to helping young athletes make their dreams come true. I couldn’t be more pleased,” said Paul Staples, PhD, Parisi Franchise Systems, CEO.

The third and equal component of this partnership is the technology company, Box Command. Much of Box Command’s business, as well as its passion, is in the area of sports management and performance tracking. BoxCommand’s enterprise cloud platform brings the technology to support verified scores, provide leader boards that rank results of all NCSA athletes across the nation, coordinate events, as well as the ability to make many other future endeavors possible.

In addition to the aforementioned services, the partnership will also focus on offering events throughout the year to showcase athletes within their chosen sport. These high visibility events will also provide critical parent education on how today’s recruiting process works, among other educational opportunities.

About Parisi Speed School: 
Founded in 1992 by Bill Parisi, our mission is to strive to be the industry leader in performance enhancement and continue to deliver a positive training experience that improves speed of movement and strength in character regardless of ability or economic status. Over the past 20+ years, Parisi Speed School has grown to over 90 locations in 31 states and has trained more than 600,000 individuals. For more information on joining a Parisi Speed School or owning your own franchise visit http://www.parisischool.com

About NCSA Athletic Recruiting: 
NCSA Athletic Recruiting is part of the Reigning Champs network. We believe in the transformational power of sport and are focused on empowering student-athletes to play at the next level. Last year alone, we helped more than 20,000 student-athletes commit to the right college fit — and have placed student-athletes at more than 90 percent of U.S. colleges and universities. We are the trusted brand in youth athletics, owning and managing the world’s largest commercial network of student-athletes. For more information on NCSA Athletic Recruiting, visit http://www.ncsasports.com

About Box Command: 
Our mission at Box Command is to provide Sports Training Franchises and Facilities with the most innovative, robust and effective technology available to support and propel our clients’ growth and success toward their own respective missions. As technology partner, Box Command provides both the training management system used by all of the Parisi Speed Schools across the country, as well as the integrated event registration, communications and leaderboard systems for all of the combine testing events. For more information about our products and services, visit https://boxcommand.com